As you may have guessed, my name is Cody and I like to create. Especially with my camera but I am passionate about design, specifically user experience, along with the visual arts.

I grew up in a small lake town near the mountains where I spent most of my childhood running around in the woods and falling out of trees. My father, a physicist, wanted very much for me to be a scientist and so the world was introduced to me as a series of optimization problems. Correctly finding the best price per ounce for cereal would earn me the sweet (by sweet, we mean frosted shredded wheat – Captain Crunch never entered the house) cereal over plain old Shredded Wheat. Knowing the exact total, tax included, might net a candy bar at the gas station. Over time, the problems grew in complexity. But I did like to make things pretty, at least given my age and taste at any given time. I suspect my mother being a painter has something to do with that.

Over the years, I’ve dabbled in a variety of fields – studied physics and engineering for a few years, some computer science classes, a heavy helping of history. I joke that school is generally about building a tower of knowledge but that I’ve gone about building a pyramid. Recently, I’ve finished up the required coursework for a Bachelor’s in Visual Communication Design with Web Development as a minor. Ideally, I’ll now work towards become a UX designer, or if I lose my mind and go back to school, Industrial Design.

Beyond creative work, I enjoy food, music, travel, cars, strategy games, reading, history, technology, and no doubt forgetting several things.

This site is a collection of my works and thoughts. And it will grow as I do.